Aigburth Peoples Hall

Lark Lane

Lark Lane is our favourite place to go out socialising of an evening when not working hard at the Aigburth Hall. People from all walks of life flock here.

If you're "off down the lane" in Liverpool then there's only one possible place you're headed: Lark Lane, an atmospheric, bohemian oasis on the outskirts of Sefton Park. 

In Lark Lane there's almost every trade to be found: fishmongers, tattoo shops, pubs, solicitors, wine bars, antique shops and of course an abundance of restaurants, all nestled together, co-existing in almost timeless harmony.

A colloquialism that hints at in-crowd familiarity but whilst there are many regulars to be found in the locales up and down the village-like street, it's in no way snooty or exclusive.

Trendy and idiosyncratic, it's commonly referred to as "the Lane". Why not  give Lark Lane a try ;)